KHELNA BECI AR KHELNA KINI-খেলনা বেচি আর খেলনা কিনি

About KHELNA BECI AR KHELNA KINI & “Toys 4 all Kids”

KHELNA BECI AR KHELNA KINI provides all kinds of information’s about TOYS and baby products to the customers/buyers and sellers as one of the largest E-Market Place through online and all connected social medias.  We connect peoples through social media with the things they need and love for their Kids.

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We presents/collect a great variety of high-quality(Used or New) toys and baby products, friendly customer service and ensure best quality with affordable and reasonable price. And we promote “Toys 4 All Kids”  and “Felna Theke Khelna /ফেলনা থেকে খেলনা” as our Social Business commitment & Environment Concern (We collect and donate Toys to the poor Kids).

We are committed to become trusted E-Market Place on the web where customers can find and discover all required toys and baby products to buy and sale through online. We endeavor to offer our customers the lowest possible price with the highest possible quality.

KHELNA BECI AR KHELNA KINI is a unique online platform for buying and selling all kind of toys and baby products through E-Market Place ever first in Bangladesh.  We aim to extend our networks not only in Bangladesh but also in global arena.


– To promote toys and baby products through E-MarketPlace and build a social network “Toys 4 all Kids”


– To build a social network and bring all toys and baby products together in a common E-platform for retailing, exchanging, distributing/donating to the all users irrespective of Rich/Poor or other challenges.


– To buy and sell best toys and baby products at the best price.

– To ensure satisfaction of the customers/buyers and sellers.

– To become a trusted E-Market Place.

– To create an online market place for buying and selling toys and baby products.

–  To build a social network for collect and donate reuse-able toys or baby products to the poor kids to ensure their          natural mental development.

–  To ensure the natural mental development of all Child.