Now you can shop local businesses on E-marketplace with contact less options


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Like your friendly next-door neighbor, local businesses make neighborhoods great places to live. That’s why we added Shop Local Businesses to E-marketplace to easily enable Canadians to shop from businesses that are now open and offer contact less transactions.

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Shop Local Businesses To‍day

Find businesses that offer curbside pickup, drop-off/delivery, shipping, and cashless payments.*

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Are you a small business owner?

Kijiji Village can help you reach new customers. If your business is able to offer one or more of our contact less transaction options, getting started is easy.

1. Post your ad on E-marketplace
2. Select ‘For Sale by Business’
3. Select one or more of the contact less transaction options your business offers
Explore Shop Local Businesses on E-marketplace to‍day

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It takes a village to flatten the curve

As we work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re echoing Health Canada’s ask to practice physical distancing. Seek out businesses that provide contactless options and if you are planning to transact we ask all of our users to do so with care, please review these COVID‑19 precautions.

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